Antonio and Valentina

Antonio Buono

Spoon is his best friend, and you always will find it on his table. It is perfect for his dishes and sauces.

He is definitely one of the most passionate chef you will ever meet on your way. He began living in restaurants kitchens when he was just 14. He knew and lived every single degree of the hard culinary hierarchy. He grew up in the best European and US kitchens until getting at Mirazur where he spent 6 years, 5 as chef of cuisine.

2019 was The Year for him ! Mirazur obtained its third Michelin star, first place in the list The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and he also became father for the first time. Time to walk alone, to open his own place with…

Valentina Florio

I am a food anthropologist, fond of kitchen and of the secrets around it. My grandmother was the angel who revealed the joyful hidden behind the door of her kitchen. She taught me with patience and love recipes I vowed to never tell another living soul. At least not every part of them.

I write about food and people, looking for curious and interesting facts, especially when talking about heritage.