You will find a menu on every table. You can choose whether to eat the 5 dishes menu or just pick some of the proposed dishes.

Every dish is cooked at the moment. If  you see any ingredient that you do not like, you can tell us and we will be delighted to change it.

We invite you to tell us allergies or food restrictions when booking your table, or as soon as you get at the restaurant. Thank you!

“Menu at 63 euros, drinks not included”

Our wines

The wines that we propose to accompany our menu make up a small wine list, which varies according to the season.

You will find local vines of our beautiful Liguria, including the so-called “heroic harvest”, whose nectar is collected thanks to the techniques developed by the ingenuity of man over the centuries of history lived in an inaccessible strip of land, narrow by the Apennines and from the Maritime Alps towards the blue of the Ligurian Sea.

In addition to local wines, you will find choices ranging from Italy, to Slovenia, to the lands beyond the Alps.